Accounting Proceedures

This report will be pulling to this dashboard to give me a budget vs actual report weekly. If you find any transactions inside that are a mystery to you or if any of the clients who are scheduled to pay did not. Please include them in a report to me after everything is updated. 

Google Grant - Income

Step 1: Moonclerk

Login to Moonclerk at:



Click on Payments:​

Click the Filter Option:

Filter For Theatrisoft Subscription (you have to type it in) and The Desired Dates and Then Click Apply Filter. 

Take the export then copy into this Google Sheet Under Stripe Export.


Make sure there are no duplicates. 


Record Successful Transactions on the Google Grant income tab based upon the name of the customer. 

Step 2: Paypal (Legacy Payment System)

Login to PayPal Here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the sitemap button in the footer.

Click Manage Subscription Payments



Click Activity and Then Filter for Payments Recieved the desired date range 

Record These Transactions Inside this Google Sheet Under PayPal Payments and in the Google Grant Income Tab

Step 3: Payroll

On the first of each month login to Hubstaff Here and enter in the amount of money owed for each employee. Send a breakdown report to me so I can send the transfers.