Selling A Ticket Over The Phone

Click WebPOS to open up the POS in another tab

Click on the show that you wish to sell.

  1. Select the date and time of the show. (If there is a show on the current date it will be autoselected)

  2. Select the ticket type you wish to sell

  3. Enter the quantity for that ticket type

  4. If you want to have more than one ticket type per order then click this button and repeat steps 2 and 3.

  5. Click Complete Order to Continue.


Note: In POS, it is possible to purchase tickets that are more than the limit. You will know this when the ticket type  number has a negative sign.

  1. Enter any donations that patrons would like to include in their order

  2. Select any add-ons the patron would like to include in their order

  3. Enter any discount code that the patron would like to use. Be sure to hit the “Use” button to apply the discount.

  4. Enter notes here. (these notes will not be seen by the customer and are only internal).

  5. Enter the customer details here with their first and last name separated by a space and the email that the tickets will be sent.

  1. If the user’s email does not exist in the system you will get this message

  2. If you click yes you will create a new account with the email and name entered. This will also send an email to the customer to reset the password that was randomly generated for their account.

  3. *If the user’s email does exist in the system the user will be pulled up with their cards.

Click “Add Card”

Fill out the form and Click “Add Card” to submit

Once the card is added click “Pay Online” to process the payment.

You will be directed to the orders page. An email will be automatically sent to the Patron with their tickets.