Switching A Ticket

First, go to the "Orders" tab and search the name of the order that you would like to switch.

*Make sure that the filters are clear  so you can find the order that you're looking for.

*The name search only doesn't need a complete name. You can search an order with just partial name.

Once you find your order, click "View Ticket" to see the details of the order.

Two types of ticket switches or exchanges:


Free Switch - This is a switch of just the date. It will switch and give the new tickets without charging the different with of a differently prices date.

Switch - This will switch the ticket, re-apply the package deals (season tickets) as well as charge the difference between dynamically priced days.

On the "Switch" tab, you will be able to edit the ticket details. You can move the date, as well as the number of tickets that you have. You can change the date by clicking the counter. Once you have the correct date, click "update order".


*You can also add ticket to the order and change ticket types on this page.

The total will be recalculated accordingly. If refund is necessary, "Refund" button will appear.

You will then be directed to the "Order" page to see the details of the new order.