Discount Codes

Navigate to the "Discount Cards" section in Settings

1. Select how you would like to use your discount
       A. This is the name of the discount code. This will also be the code itself 
       B. This is the start and end day of the discount code. If left blank it will be valid as long as it is attached to                 the production 
       C. This is a delineation of the discount, is it a percentage discount or a fixed amount? 
       D. Amount or percentage for the discount
       E. This is the total limit for this discount across all users. If left blank it will be infinite.
       F. This is the limit on the discount per customer. If left blank it it will be infinite. 
       G. These are the ticket types that this discount will be valid for. 
       H. These are the productions that it will be valid for this will automatically add the discount code to the                      production. 
       I. This is the tag if you wish to consolidate the code into a tag that can be applied once and contain multiple           discount codes. 
2. Click “Add New Discount Code” to generate the discount code. 

Discounts can be added or removed on the "Productions" page, under the "Pricing" section in the "Seasons" tab. This will add the discount to all the performances.

If you wish to add one night of the production only, or take it off certain nights from the show schedule, you may list it under the  production and click edit on the date.

You can add or remove discount codes here